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The Word Integrity And The Role It Plays

Integrity is defined as being of high moral value or the state of being whole or undivided. When people describe someone as having integrity you tend to look up to someone like that. People have immense amounts of respect for an individual like that and tend to look up to them in admiration and a sense of awe. It is associated with someone who will not compromise their moral value however awkward or uncomfortable the situation gets. They are the kind of people who are comfortable in their own skin and they show other people exactly where they stand in the pecking order.

But integrity can also be incorporated into design

Because another meaning to integrity is being unified or sound in construction. So this meaning of integrity is what we associate with design and construction. Even if people are buying a 3 drawer desktop organizer the first thing they look at is quality of the piece of furniture. And for the common quality is the substitute word for integrity. Because as professional would know by quality most people are talking about the how strong the item is and how longstanding it is.

From the people who are trying to buy designer pieces from the big box stores to the people who are attempting to buy bookcases for sale online, people are concerned about quality. And somehow the common perception with the general public is that any furniture which has a good design is of good quality. Because every design tends to make a statement of some sort and convey a certain message to customers.

Such designs are the ones where those involved with the process of shaping that particular piece are true to themselves. People might be surprised but it really shows when something has been created with love and attention and when something has been made just for the sake of completing orders. It shows when the designer has had to make a compromise with what he wants to do and what he has been asked to do. This is what makes certain pieces of furniture stand out like shining stars amongst the rest that look drab in comparison.

So it’s important that a designer is sure of himself and knows what he/she wants to produce with the skill sets they have. Integrity within themselves is important if they want it to become a part of their craft and workmanship. This integrity will help you to know when you are getting something right and when you are going in the wrong direction.