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Running A Search About Short Listed Candidates

Since a company needs a good human resource or a good work force for it to do well in the corporate world, every company pays a lot of attention to the people they hire for any position. Even when you are hiring inexperienced people only based on a certain level of education qualifications you have to be careful because every person you hire is going to be an addition to the company culture.

So, just like business intelligence services are used to find information about the different credit rating agencies, business intelligence services are also used to do a screening of the short listed candidates for a position. There are mainly two types of screening services you can get.

A Basic Screening of the Candidate

The basic screening of the candidate means you will be hiring a business intelligence service to check, first of all, this person is the person he or she claims to be. There are situations where people use false identities and as a company you want to avoid such people. Then, the business intelligence service will check whether this candidate in question really has all the educational qualification as mentioned on the CV and whether or not he or she has any criminal records or signs of any kind of legal trouble.

Usually, when you want to see the details about the shortlisted candidates this amount of information is enough.

An In Depth Screening of the Candidate

Once you have either narrowed down all the candidates to two or three candidates or have thought about the one with the qualifications and personality for the company, going for an in depth screening is a good choice. In this kind of a screening you will receive the reference check service which calls or contacts the references given on the CV and check details about the candidate. Also, at this level of screening the business intelligence service will even check out why the candidate left the earlier job. Also, you will receive employment records of these candidates so that you can understand what kind of a person this candidate turns out to be as an employee.

Choosing someone for any position of your company is a task which should be handled with great care. If you are not careful about finding right information about the candidates you can make a wrong hire. That kind of a wrong decision will make you look for another candidate in no time as you will either fire the person or he or she will resign quite soon.